Sandy Kuroumi "About me"

~Hello there.. I will introduce myself first..

My name is : Boy Sandy Dwi Nugraha.H

Pen name is : Sandy Kuroumi

Email :

Line I'd: haremdaisuki

Website :

~about me
I am just ordinary man that love play games especially VN and JRPG also watch an anime a lot , but I think i can do better than that, and the idea to make a blog about that stuff come out, you know i just want other people feel what I fell when I play a games, I want other people think about that anime I just watch I just want to share my thought and knowledge to them and hope my content can help them.
Overall this blog i make to share about game that i already play it and give other people tough about it, also I recommend the game that I post so people can play it to, beside that I also post some Tips and Trick like "Controller not recognized" this common problem when you play a game so.. i will gave a trick about it...I open disscused for anime plot or games so you can contact me if you have question or just want to chat....

I think that all about me , thank for read ;D

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