When Human Caught Between the War of Angels and Devils, Who Will They Choose?

Soukoku no Arterial game from eushully

Soukoku no Arterial "The new Era of Card Game"

~Another Info 

Release Date : April 27, 2012
Genre : Card Battle SRPG
Developer : Eushully 
Age Rating : 18+
Platform : PC 

~About The game 

Senzaki Syuya is a high school student who attends the Second Tengyo Academy with his sister Mirai. One day, he and his friends are caught in an intersection between their modern world and another place called the Waibin(kanji: 歪秤) world that is full of monsters called "creator". As the incident grows and he is drawn into a greater conflict, will he join forces with the angels, the devils, or embark upon a middle path? His choices will ultimately lead the Waibin and the real world towards its eventuality.

~First impression 

Soukoku no Arterial is my first card game I ever played, I never played a card game before so I'm kinda bit surprised how good the game is, Really, I really surprised how it turn into and I bet for you who like type of this game you will surely like it!.
We start played as Senzaki Syuya as main protagonist of this story, and later the in the game have choose a route, Yea.. there are a route and different ending depending what route you choose and also it's got different heroine too, what I can say is Syuya will got some spice in his life...

Syuya from Soukoku no arterial as main protagnist

The Story of this game basically to find a way out for human to escape from war between Angels and Devils, but as a mere human they can't do anything about it, so this game make you choose what faction you will join or in other words what route will you choose, so until know they have 2 option, Angels route or Devils route but there are other option but the game make it more difficult enemies  to you if choose this third route I said it difficult but it's still can be cleared as long as you have a strategies, this route is Human Route very ironic if you ask me, the hardest route is not from angels or devils but from human itself does it make clear that Human more dangerous then Angels or Devils? 

3 routes from the game , Human, Angels and Devils

The card battle System is unique, as a Character in a game got a One powerful card that represent how strong you are in that card battle, the card have a level, there is 1-2-3-4-5-6 the card with 1 symbol on it mean the card can be played with 1 cost, up to next card with symbol 2 until the Symbol 6 card this car usually called by ultimate card.
You will have a deck card fill with 30 card that you can customized, at first you just got a few card for your deck but with the story progression you will have more card including some Angels card if you chose an Angels Route or Devil Card if you choose Devil route, Angels card effective against Devils so if I recommend you in first play choose the angel route it will make you easier for the new game+ or chosen another route for your new game.

Deck card with some card with it

For the story, I just can say anything except I fill satisfied from this, As I expect from Eushully, for route story each of route have big point and the plot fill nice, the heroine that you can choose also depend from route you choose and also the ending different each heroine, what makes even better each heroine have dark or deep stories about they background fell free to find it all.
The graphic also make plus point for this game, another what I expect from Eushully, the art design feel great too I really thanks for the artist, the detail from the blood and power effect is so nice..

Senzaki Syuya sister and have some power like her brother

a classmate of senzaki syuya and have big secret

One of devils commander

Overall this game really good that I like just want make you play it right away, if you want download this game fell free to visit "Download Page" for the link, I added the link there, don't forget to share this post to your friend so they can know this amazing blog game ciaoo for the next post..

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