How to play a Visual Novel that have not been translated yet

Visual Novel Reader "Make any word readable"

Sometimes language can be worst enemies for a gamer's, "why?" because when you do not understand a language, you will not get all the "FUN" you can obtain in a game and for me, it's the worst scenario to happen and I bet you feel that way too. When I played some Visual Novel I always search for those already fully translated regardless of where they come from, they feel satisfied when you finish a game and KNOW what stories are, sometimes people don't care about that, they just playing through the chapter without understanding the meaning about it, even though the important point from Visual Novel is the Story if they don't get the story and what meaning they play that game, right? 

But, although I like play a fully translate Visual Novel I can't lie to myself if I say don't want play the untranslated one, because not all the game from Visual Novel Developer get a fully translated and from the beginning they don't have to, all the game we play until know they translated by people, fans, fandom,group or forum and they don't have any compensation from the company except they make a contract and the developer agree for it, so please give your respect for them they are our hero, and just for information I waiting for Bunny Black 3 translated dialog right know, it's still in progress and the one who translate the dialog is Joker Lizer  if you want to help him you can ask him  at give him support and help if you want for him to finish his project "Ganbatte Joker-san".

Sandy give a support to joker to finish his project

We all know there are a still many great Visual Novel haven't been translated yet, we want play it, we want so bad but the language and the word we can't understand, just like I said before it's big problem if we don't understand it, taking a course? that can be a solution but it's not good enough, if we think again that can't be a flexible solution for all people, so? what we can do? we never be able play those great visual novel? we give up? and I answer it "NO, YOU ARE NOT!". There is a way, a great way, an extraordinary way for you all for play those Visual Novel and it's lies here in this post get ready for it because it will change your way playing a Visual Novel.

~Visual Novel Reader: What it is ? 

tampilan visual novel reader halaman utama

Perhaps the more important question here is to actually explain just what is VNR and why you must have it.

VNR is tools that help you, I mean help a lot for you to play Visual novel games, maybe you already guess what these tools do, yea it's translated, but I beg you not to underestimate it, this is powerful tools better than any translate tools, why I said that? because it the truth and I will give you the proof.

·       In Game Translate
Visual  Novel Reader is the first and one only tools that can translate directly to the dialog bar of the game, it’s mean, the translate result will placed in dialog box in the game it’s make us more comfortable when playing a game in full screen mode
Kami no rhapsody Direct translated

·       Good Translate
Visual Novel Reader have a database, this database save all the translate progress from all user and translation, It also have a lot of dictionary in it you can use it in online or offline mode, we also can add OUR translation if we want and share it to other VNR user’s.
the translation is better than any translation tools

·       Great UX/UI
The interface of this tools is so good, acceptable and understanding design, it make user feel great use this tools, the button placement and menu make this tools easier to use even without a guide for it.
Design UI/UX yang menawan

·       All in One
And it’s not excessive that I say this tool represent all translate and helping tools for playing a visual novel, in this one tools you already got all tools, it make yours gadget more easier to run it because it just run one tools at same time and give you more space in your disk because this tools size.

That the VNR can do for you, all this capability you will never get from other tools, as it's name "Visual Novel Reader" the tools for "Visual Novel" games, the tools made for this only game, and know you already know this amazing tools and why you need this so much, you can get this tools in Download page I added the link there feel free to use it after you download and install it it's know to dig in the tools.

~The Visual Novel Reader 

The Great tools for VN players, with small size and good design make the best tool for translate ever, not only for the VN game, in fact VNR can be used to play another game beside the VN so basically VN is emulator for a game, Like my other post "How to fix certain game that won't open" there is a way that using an Applocale right?  in that case we use an Local Emulator for it so it's mean not only VNR can translate your game it also can be an Applocale for your game! that fantastic right, ALL in One like I said before.

Sandy's VNR folder in PC
This is my "Visual Novel Reader" after you extract the downloaded file it will like this, no need an installed on you PC just extract the file and you got all the file, you also can see the size of this tools, it's only 212KB so small size for amazing tools like this right? but it's make it great, there is an Update.exe it's good for you before you run this tools open first that .exe for check a new update, believe or not this tools already died once time, I do not know what happens but this tools lost his powers and forgotten it's really dark age for us as VN players, I mean there still other translate tools but not good enough, in that despaired time a Hero Comes out, It's "SAKURADITE" you can check it, sakuradite come out with new version of VNR with other renewal from it for that Thanks Sakuradite.

When you first open VNR you will have this icon in front of your desktop 

loading screen open

It's totally fine, it's a loading screen it tell you that VNR is preparing the tools for use..

icon VNR setelah loading dan siap di gunakan

and it will change into this icon when it' finished and ready to use..

VNR dashboard when it open

this is the dashboard when you open the vnr, it's "Empty" of course I not put any game yet, there's a several way to add game in vnr but first i will tell all part of this tools so you can feel amazed more and more about this tools

-Launching button 

picture of VNR button for play
Not much for this button to explain, like the name this button is for launch any game that already you put on this tools, even though there's other way to do it, but using this button make more elegant if you ask me (LOL).

-Game Wizard : Added a game

for added game and new game
The next button is "Game wizard" if you want add a game in VNR, use this button, that the way to add a game but there are another way, simple, you just need drag a game file .exe of course and release in VNR dashboard it will automatically add your game, but now we will use Game Wizard method 

1. First click the button 

display for vnr added game
2. this is a display from it, if you can't see enough you can click the picture for zoom in.

3. click next on bottom and go to the next page 

browse for the game want to add

4. now you need to find a game you want and added to vnr, click the browse button to open your explore and start seacrh for it 

find game to add

5. This is a game that I want to add after that Click next button
6. This is a display on my VNR after added one game the background is not empty anymore but change into the game pict, now you have a game in VNR 

-Game Board : Information online game

This button used if you want to find a new game that already in VNR database, there are a lot of game there, one click and you can play it right away

Here some game that already in VNR database, you will never got tired from this just one click to the pict and VNR installed it for you in dashboard.

-Web Reader : Built-in browse 

VNR built in Browser
Not for sure what this button do, but i think this is like and association of web browser that built-in VNR in website. 

when you clik it this is come out

Looks if you click that button these will come out,  still not sure what this button do (lol).

-Preferences : setting language,UI ,translation

button for setting the performacnes and language

This is the most important button on VNR,the setting button on this button we customized all the language, UI and the translation dictionary 

the setting in game the translate location and etc.

instal applocale
This is a launch tools install applocale in vnr don't forget to connect internet 

The dictionary section, in my settings I just install several dictionary but if you want install it all is okay.

here a video to make easier for you to setting the preferences of your game and your desire, in this video it will help you setting the language and dictionary for you to install and also the another setting, don't forget to subscribe and like the video if it help you a lot.

and that all the amazing tools for you play Visual novel that has been not translated yet, Visual Novel Reader really a tools that you need as a VN players, I am here not to recommend you not to persuade you, but to MAKE you to use this tools, there are a lot of benefit for you to use this tools while playing a VN.

if you like this article you can share it to your friend and let them know this amazing game site and this amazing tools, also if you want to ask anything about this Visual Novel Reader you can ask me in comment discuss below feel free to use it, and see you next time in next post ciaoooo.....

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