How to Fix Certain Game won't Open

How to Fix Certain Game That Won't Open

When we installed a game, we though after that we can start to play it, but, the game say another thing, many case when you already installed the game and no issue appear it will work properly but when you trying open it, the game Crashed, Force Closed, Loading to long, and Black Screen this is common issue for game that we downloaded unofficially, but do not worry those game still available for play, you just need follow method bellow...

A. Change your Region, Date and Time Settings 

For certain game we need to change either region or date for make the game works, its seems appear that when we download a game from site the game is not localized yet to our country or the game date is expired in your country, its make your game won't open follow this step..

1. Open Control Panel and  Go to Clock and Region

2. There are Date and Region Setting , first go to Date and time setting

3 Go to Change Date and time *it's required an administrator

4. Know change the Year, Month and Date fit you game, example:  Fairy Fence F: advent dark force is a game that release in Febuary 14, 2017 so you need to change the The year go back to 2017 and month is Febuary and the date is above 14..

B. Using an Applocale 

Beside the method above you can choose another way, if you dont want to make some change to your PC you can use an Applocale for your game it's like emulator you use to open your unlocalized game, so you do not need change your pc settings

1. Download the an Applocale and Extract it,in this section I use Local Emulator 

2. Open the "LEGUI" to make some configuration follow this pictuer to config it and save it

3. Right click the installer and Run it with Administrator *must run it with admin if not installer won't work properly

4.  Install the LE for all User(admin) and wait until it finished

5 now test the LE, i try open a game with it...

6. Enjoy your Game...

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