Clueless Emperor, Shameless Maiden, Emotionless Destroyer and The Fate Keeping them together

Fate  Extella SS

Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star “Moon Wars”

~Another Info:

Release Date: November 10, 2016
Writer: Kinoko NasuHikaru Sakurai
DesignerArco Wada
ModeSingle Player
Platform: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows

Fate/Extella takes place after the Moon Holy Grail War, Nero Claudius has become the ruler of SE.RA.PH with possession of the Regalia, the Moon Cell's control device. However, it appears that the Regalia has been divided into multiple pieces, and Nero's Master Hakuno Kishinami has also been split into a Mind, Soul, and Body. Each part of Hakuno and each piece of the Regalia falls into the hands of a different Servant. Meanwhile, the Moon Cell and Earth are threatened by the impending arrival of the Umbral Star Velber.

~First Impression :
Extella one of many games from fate universe, The Holy Grail War take a place at the moon, in prequel the war is finally over and Nero Claudius became a victor and ruler the moon cell at least that what Nero thinks but the truths is the Regalia the proof you are the ruler of the moon cell it’s divided and falls into other servants, there are 3 Servant who had the Regalia pieces “Emperor of Rose” Nero Claudius, “An Anti-Hero” Tamamo no Mae, and “Civilization Destroyer” Altera.

Fate Extella heroine Character

The game has Three separates arcs but linked timeline, and in each arc, we playing different servants there are 3 arcs it’s Flame Poem: Nero, Orchid Words: Tamamo, and Dawn Arcs: Altera. Players do not need to choose a route but the routes came in orders the first route you will play is the Flame poem you will play as Hakuno Mind with Nero as your servants, what? did I just says Hakuno “Mind”? yes, it is. When Regalia divided into three pieces hakuno also split into three aspect, “Mind”,”Soul”,”Body” and three servants has one of each hakuno aspect like I said before, Nero got the Mind, Tamamo got the Soul and Altera got the Body.

Nnero claudius Arc

When you progressing the story you will learn that the threat is not only from other regalia users but there a new threat it’s the impending arrival of the Umbral Star Verlber. This is the Main Purpose of the story, in first you will have battling other regalia users but in the end when finally the stories linked the purpose to destroy Umbral Star. Verlber is an entity that exists only to destroy a Civilization, according to the story Velber has been in the earth before and destroys Civic in there a long time ago, but this time Velber Came to destroy The planet itself, and it's beginning your adventure with your servant, The Myth, your servant's secrets and Shocking Encounters will get it when progressing the game.

~The Gameplay:
Fate Extella is the hack slashing game, like the other slashing game it’s a real time battle, we need attack and avoiding an enemy attack, the game also has MOB enemies, you can perform a skill and extra moves also the Noble Phantasm for each servant, but to activate the Noble Phantasm you need to clear some side quest when entering a battle, Yes, The battle divided into chapter and in chapter have maps so you will run around the maps to clear the side quest and got your Noble Phantasm, also the progression for the story battle depend on you quest too, if there a quest need you to kill 100 metabots to open the locked area, you must do it to progress the story.  


The battle also has a boss fight, each battle will have a boss fight, and the boss is your enemies servant party, as a servant their also have the skill and Noble phantasm so be careful when take on them, you will get down quickly if don’t have any strategies. You must find a way to defeat the enemy servant avoiding and attacking at right time is the key to winning but just be careful if your enemy has ready his/her noble phantasm you need a counter, attacking or use command spell  before it’s happening

Boss battle in Fate Extella

~The Story:
Quite good for me, each every arc get the point and well executed my favorite story is Tamamo arcs, nothing special, it’s just because I can saw “Mikon” action especially as her master (//^_^//).

Fate extella tamamo

Stories of this game is variously depend on side quest and story so you can clear all the main stories but don’t forget the side one because you can unlock for some a scene or add if you clear the side quest or side stories. Velber stories to destroy the world and are the regalia servant trying to prevent it but it’s not that easy, you must handle it with servant, betrayal, and plot twisted stories line don’t forget to thanks to Kinoko Nasu and Hikaru Sakurai for bringing amazing stories for us.

~The Graphic and Design:
The graphic of this game is interesting thanks to Marvelous and Xseed for lively graphic movement, and designer character thanks to Arco Wada for those realistic design, I really feel satisfied when saw Tamamo design as I expected, Arigatou Sensei...

Design chara Elizabet
Gilgamesh design chara

Overall this is another great game from fate as one of Fate fans I welcoming this game so much and hope get another sequel if you want to download this game fell free to visit "Download Page" for the link, I added the link there, don't forget to share this post to your friend so they can know this amazing blog game ciaoo for the next post.

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