5 Visual Horror Novels You Should Play

Top 5 visual novel Horror
Visual Novel it's not just a game typed romance slice of life, Another genre is horror. For those who rarely playing this type of the game it's properly not to know about this, there are really rare for some sites to recommend a Horror visual novel because it's not supposed to be the type of a game, but the type of this game really not bad at all, in fact, it's surprisingly good.

The horror game is a game which gives you a creepy feeling also with some jump scare and disturbing picture, when it's come with a visual novel you got all of that for sure, the aspect in visual novel obviously is the visualization, all illustrators give all of they can to make amazing visualization, can you imagine that, right? the visualization definitely great.

If you want to play one of this type of game, here I give you some recommendation for it, this is a list that I made after some research and I guarantee this list have all aspect of horror game also the visual novel and it will be a great game when it's combined, so feel free to read and pick the one suitable for you.

1. Nostalgia: Two World One soul

Visual horror Novels game

Alice is the main character you played in this game, as the title of the game you will have your "Alter ego". Your alter ego is a child who kidnapped and took a part in a project of Nostalgia, Nostalgia is experimental project research for alternate Universe. the researcher takes other victims in her age and they have wanted one thing escaping from the facility except for Alice. She experienced family abuse before she was kidnapped and she thought this facility is her new home.

Visual novel horror game

the game purposing to escape from the facility but it's not easy when your "Alter ego" is in the way, you must deal with it but you must remember one thing the counterparts may share the same soul but there is no guarantee they will get along with you, so let's pray your decision would not anger your alter ego.

2. Don't open your eyes

novel horror visual

"You are trying to fall asleep, in the midst of the silent night, a shadow approaches your bed. You can't see it.. but a silhouette forms it seeks one thing: for you to open your eyes, and tell them how they look.
Will you comply that? or will you refuse, the choice is yours..." 

open or not its your choiche

this horror game is about a midnight encounter with a mysterious creature, but the different thing is this visual novel allows you to progress depending on your conversation and choice. Through the conversation, you will learn more about the creatures, such as their journey what they think and it'll make a simple request to you: will you open your eyes?

3. The Letter 

new visual novel horror

The letter is an interactive horror visual novel games, developed by yangyang mobile, the game is successfully funded through Kickstarter and Indiegogo and released on July 25, 2017, the game inspired by the famous Japanese horror films, Ju-On: The Grudge and the Ring, so don't surprised if you find a scene that references from those films.

novel visual horror

The story happens at the heart of Anslem village there stands a 17century English mansion rumored to be cursed by a vengeful spirit. There are a lot of various disappearances that had been linked to the mansion also folks living near the vicinity spoke of seeing and hearing an unearthly thing. But dismissed by hoax the mansion was listed for sale by Briar Realty Corporation. Before the grand opening to the public, Isabelle Santos goes for double check the mansion and finds a letter written "HELP ME" over and over again and the letter gives a threat phrase that said, "Send this to 5 people or else.."

4. Black

an horror visual novel

This game is Black! literally! all the surrounding is black, nothing much about this game, you just awake in dark place, with seemingly no memories of your past or your Whereabouts.

Choice live or die?

overall the story completion is based on your choice, are you really trust this creature or not, are you will give your trust to this creature and let him around you? it's all your choice.

5. Withered

eyes bloom

"The eye bloomed like a flower, watered by unending rain, whilst she slowly withers away, slowly rooting in vain"

Have you ever played a horror psychological game? I bet you did and how about that? It's terrifying? Of course, that's right, such as this game, this horror psychological visual novel game is one of the scariest games I ever played, but why? Did it contain endless jumpscare? No, what makes this game terrifying are the things humans are capable of and the memories you've locked away in your subconscious.

horror visual novel

The progression of this game you are supposed to talk with eye bloomed flower and FEED it, This is based by your choice when it asks you a question.

 That all my list for top 5 horrors visual novel game, what your favorite? dare to play one of it? Thanks for your time and let me know if you like this article.

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