Are you a demon lord ? I think you should try this games if that true..

Bunny Black Screen Shot title

Bunny Black "Perfect game for who have demon king in his soul"

Another info :

Softhouse Chara
Softhouse Chara
Release Date
July 30, 2010
3D Dungeon RPG
Single Player
Age Rating(s)

-First Impression

Lets begin it with some knowledge from the game..

Darks is a perverted adventurer who entered a labyrinth known as the Maou’s Forest and was defeated by the Maou (Demon King) herself. Taking pity on him, the Maou kindly recruited Darks as part of her demon army. Given a second chance, Darks sets two goals: to rise through the ranks within the demon army, and to defeat and have *** with the girls who come to attack the Maou.

it's little embarrassing but I must admit this bunny black game is the first dungeon crawler game I played, first I really don't understand how to play this game because usually I play games from the another developer (cencored) and its NOT dungeon crawler and finally I know it ...

Basically, "Dungeon Crawler" as the name, we have to go through a map in this case called a dungeon while carrying out the mission and running the story progress, of course we will meet with monsters and eventually go to battle system and this game is turn based game for those of you who have played This type of game has been very familiar with this battle system

He he he ? what ? do yo think I am not notice that you all asking "is this game 18+?" and I answer it big "YES" .Well maybe you have read above that this game has a rating of 18+ because this game contains adult scenes, yeah typical eroge in general BUT this game I promised you have an unique story line, first I played this game I tought i will boring to death, but more I playing it, it become more fun and make me addicted.. I mean the Loyalty, betrayal, joke, and self dominating is unsure of this game.. and who am I if i say that doesn't make me interest.

Cut Scene From Bunny Black

Cut Scene From Bunny Black

Cut Scene From Bunny Black
Some Cut scene from BB 

Overall this game is a good game for you to seek for some Fun Services, but it's not a cheap game

Stories and Chara designs that are quite interesting especially the girls, and the one that makes it very good is that this game has Sequeal that presents several new chara and stories after BB1, today we dont have enough game who serve a sequel .. so you know how must i feeling T__T.

if you interested to this game you can go to "Download Page" on the menu I added for you the link for you download the game feel free to use it, don't forget to comment and like this amazing blog game and the game site.. ciaoo see you in the next post

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