When Tokyo got invades, What will they do to protect it ?

ScreenShot from game Tokyo Xanadu -eX Main Tittle

Tokyo Xanadu eX+ "when the world have another world "

Another Info 

Title : Tokyo Xanadu -eX
Initial Release Date : September 30, 2015
Series : Dragon Slayer
Developer : Nihon Falcom
Genre : Action role-playing game
Platforms : PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows
Publisher : Nihon Falcom, Aksys Games

-About the game

An Action RPG game, the story about adventures of a high school student named Kou Tokisaka who lives in a city called Moriyama. Kou is a Protagonus character who attends Moriyama academy. his life Instantly changes when facing various kinds of conspiracies and the existence of natural mysteries caused by the Eclipse phenomenon.

-First Impression

Another great game from falcon, bringing the concept of RPG with Hack slash type and Strategy in one game, when I first playing this game I realize this series have some connection with Trail of cold steel series that will I review later, In this game, Cold Steel is a TV animated series for children, Rean and Alisa become the protagonists and heroines in the story, and it cannot be denied that Falcon has a game that is interconnected with each other. I was very surprised when I saw Towa Kokonoe who was in this game because in the cold steel game this Towa also exists and has the same name of "Towa".
Towa Kokonoe from Tokyo Xanadu as a teacher of Koe and Asuka
Towa Kokonoe from Xanadu

Towa Herschel a Chairman of the student body in game Trial of the Cold Steel series
Towa Herschel from Cold Steel 

Because of that I believe that Towa is the mascot of Falcon (I hope so :p), let's continue, so when I play this game I hope this game will be one of the most interesting games like another Falcon series and it turns out that it is true, graphics and animation effects that spoil the eyes, battle animations when fighting enemies it is also very good, this game is go with real time battle, its mean its not like turn based games so avoiding and attacking is the way to play this game
>Xanadu Gameplay

And about Asuna and Kirito, you must have noticed that the cover of this game shows the protagonist and heroine where I feel very similar to Asuna and Kirito, not from the character design but from character bulding, after you play this game you must be know  what I mean, and it's make that this game made me remember the first anime I watched, SAO

Asuka from Xanadu looks like Asuna from SAO
Asuna from SAO and Asuka from Tokyo Xanadu 

Kou from Xanadu looks Llike kirito From SAO
Kou from Tokyo Xanadu and Kirito from SAO

but from a series it must have weaknesses, yes, one of the disadvantages of this game is the story, you can say the story of this game is quite weak compared to other Falcon story game, maybe because this is an action type game that focuses more on the battle the enjoyment of playing this game becomes more noticeable if it is like that then the current story can be very helpful.

Cut Scene from Xanadu

Cut Scene from Xanadu

Cut Scene from Xanadu

Cut Scene from Xanadu
A Cut Scene from Xanadu 

If you want to play this game I really recommend it for you! and you can go to "Download page" on the menu for link to download this game, I added some link to you for download this game, feel free to use it, don't forget to like and share this post to your friend and let them know this amazing blog game.. ciaoo stay tuned for the next post 

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